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    Hey, I’m a new author.


    been charting since 2008, authored some tracks for GH2RB3, but otherwise very few actual releases.

    The reason i release so few songs is because I like to make sure that my tracks are charted as well as i can make them, I believe the tracks I’ve charted are pretty close to HMX quality.


    I’ve released the following under GH2RB3

    Alice In chains – Them Bones

    Janes Addiction – Stop!

    Queens Of The Stone age – Rope

    Queens Of The Stone age – Mexicola

    Queens Of The Stone age – How To Handle a Rope

    The Pixies – The Sad Punk

    Iggy Pop – Search And Destroy


    Songs I’m working on

    Pink Floyd – Goodbye Blue Sky – Pretty close to finished

    ELO – No Way Out

    Screaming Trees – Halo Of Ashes – Pretty much finished

    Janes Addiction – Whores (multitrack)

    Alice In Chains – Sunshine

    Radiohead – Reckoner (multitrack)

    Pearl Jam – Daughter

    Heart – Crazy On you

    Rush – Freeze

    Queens Of The Stone Age – My God Is The Sun


    Pro Guitar upgrades

    The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man

    Lush – Deluxe

    Alice In Chains – Your Decision

    The Go-Go’s – We Got The Beat



    Would love to do some collaborations so I don’t spend as much time on each individual chart and get more tracks out more often, so if any of these bands appeals to you and you’d like to work with me on a song or two, send me a message!

    Also need someone to do pro keys for a few songs, as I haven’t put in the time to learn pro keys well enough that I’d be happy with the charts I make.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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