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    can you do that? i hate the vocals on certain songs, and im just wondering if it can be done, thanks


      you know, i’m still trying to grasp what you mean.


      if you mean, can you make it so nobody can play the vocals chart, YES.

      if you mean, can you make it so you never hear the vocalist singing the song, YES if it’s a multi-track song.


      question is, WHY?! just, you know, don’t play vocals?


        If you just want to mute the vocal track in existing Rock Band content, this is possible. Attach a regular 360 controller (i.e. vocals controller), press Start to bring up the main menu, and navigate to Vocal Options. You can turn the in-game vocals down from there.


        i know i can mute vocals with the second controller, what i what is completely delete the vocal tracks from the song, and its from normal rb dlc/ rbn, so it should be multi track


        like if it was an instrumental song, savvy


          Not sure why you want it totally gone; muting it does pretty much the same thing.


          To delete vocals, you’ll need to pull the LIVE file from your hard drive, open it in Le Fluffie, extract the DTA and MIDI, remove all references to vocals in both files, replace the files, and then rebuild it as a CON and treat it like a custom. espher made a guide to doing something similar for RBHP file preparation. It’s probably around somewhere.


          if you could post the link it would be great, i don’t really know what to delete lol <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_cheeky.001.gif” />


            the problem is with how RB3 looks at the mogg files

            the backing audio is always “the last channel(s) after the last instrument channels”…meaning we specify which channels go for each instrument, but not for backing. so if you flat out remove the references to the vocal chart from the songs.dta, I believe the game will treat those channels as if they were the “last” channels and put them as backing.


            the only way I know for sure it will work is if you leave the vocals chart showing up, but you mute them completely by changing their vols value to -999. that way whether someone is on vocals or not, or you have the vocals “turned up or down” you will not hear ANYTHING from whatever is on the vocals stem. only sucky part is you’d still have a selectable vocals chart.


            anyways, that’s what can be done. how to do it, you need to get comfortable with Le Fluffie and songs.dta editing. Do some research on your own and when you know how to change the song’s name in game to show “Song Name (Instrumental)” and show up fine in your Xbox, come back and i’ll try to guide you on how to do edit the dta for this purpose.


            i have some experience with the program, i fixed the problem with the H.I.M. songs, i know its no biggie but i have other areas where i have done a lot, like separating songs from packs and stuff.


              Wouldn’t this also work too? They’re in early RB3 DLC files.

              (mute_volume_vocals -12.0)


                That indicates the volume level for the vocal track when the vocalist fails. If you don’t have a vocalist playing, it’ll play full volume regarding of what value you enter there.


                You need to edit the vols values. There’s a line in the dta that starts with Vols and have a series of numbers. each number represents the volume level of each channel in the mogg file. Count the numbers until you reach the channels for the vocals (earlier on the dta there’s a part that says vocals (x y) where x and y are the channel numbers. Once you know which vols value is for the vocals, replace those values with -999.


                now when you play in game, regardless of any in-game setting, you won’t hear the vocals.


                thanks trojan, i’ll try that out


                i did as you told me trojan, and it worked, although i had to re-package the whole song again with the new dta edited, tho i looks kinda silly with the singer doing all the mimics and no sound coming out of him/her, but meh, the thing is that it worked, i have one more question, if -999 reduce all the sound from a track, reducing the original number raise the track volume? i want to raise the volume on amaranth, the vocals and the guitar just sounds kinda low to me.

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