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    Y’know what’s better than playing a repetitive track? Playing a REMIX of that repetitive track.

    Tired of writing events for crowd cheering? Just leave the cheering to the crowd in the live track already.

    I propose… Daft Punk: Alive 2007


    Think of the killer harmonies charted in this song and the trademark hook from Robot Rock.


    , aka

    Technologic is great. But I think this remix would be preferred better (and you can’t resist that sensual “Ohhh yeahh” in certain measures)


    And Around The World, Harder Better Faster Stronger

    We already have Harder Better Faster Stronger. While that’s awesome, I think this track would be amazing to play, considering that in the middle of the song it’s got a loop that sounds like a fun guitar section.


      Mmm. I loved these tracks when I first heard them and completely forgot about them.


      I had been tempted to make a Daft Punk thread but that repetition issue came up. That’s a really great solution to it. Another idea I was thinking of is maybe pulling from some of the sources they’ve sampled over time. Along with tapping that hilarious “Where do I remember this from?” feeling in people who don’t know the context, it would also lead to some of the more lesser represented genres making appearances.


      was turned into Digital Love

      was turned into

      was turned into

      was turned into

      (Which would be a pretty great song to release on it’s own.)

      was turned into

      was turned into Music Sounds Better With You (Okay, technically this was only from one of the guys from Daft Punk, but it’s practically a Daft Punk song so whatever.)


      The new album doesn’t have as many samples on it as their previous albums which would make it easier to just pick something directly from it. I’m frankly kind of shocked

      hasn’t been made by someone yet considering all the hype leading up to the new album.


      Gone are the days when French pop was a joke. The UK and the US have both had a French number one this summer. In the UK, Get Lucky by the French electro duo Daft Punk has sold more than any other single so far this century, while their new album got to number one in 92 countries. :excited:

      That being said some Daft Punk material is seriously needed. :dance:


      I have two Daft Punk customs in my “Other Customs” thread, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and “One More Time”: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=718


      I also second this request though and hope for more Daft Punk, both R.A.M. songs and otherwise.


        It would be great to have any songs from Discovery and some of Random acces memory (especialy Get lucky).

        For robot rock I dislike this song : too repetitive. I prefere the original song of the riff : Breakwater – Release the beast


        Yes Want this too.!


        I’d like to see some Tron Legacy tracks, any would do.

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