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    I was looking through the custom songs thread on xbox360iso, and there were some songs that were recently uploaded that have not shown up yet on the Custom Songs spreadsheet. Then I compared it to the GHtoRB3 spreadsheet, and thought it could need some improvement. I know, I know, easier said than done and tedious, but it IS worth noting the issue. Anyway, here are my questions:


    1a. How often does the spreadsheet get updated?


    1b. Do certain members have permission to edit it? Or is it a free-for-all bona fide editing system?


    2a. Is it possible to have an organized “uploaded/last updated” column? It’ll help sort out new releases rather than skim through the entire spreadsheet to find a new song (if any) through the different dates.


    2b. Or maybe we could have a “Recent updates” page GHtoRB3 style, with Game, Artist, Song, Date edited, and details.


    3. Also, maybe a “Problem Reports” column/separate sheet? Citing objective issues, such as “Missing Album art,” “listed difficulty tier too easy/hard on (instrument),” “doesn’t show up in game,” “venue animations not in sync,” “(instrument) chart not in sync,” “muted/muddy sound,”

    and NOT “This song sucks!” “Needs MOAR MEWZ,” “This song broke my vase!”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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