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    I know it’s been mentioned here and there that a guide is in the works that leads people through the process of making customs. Lots of documentation is up, but it’s more like “reference material” for people who already sorta know what the are doing, or maybe are just not as thick as me <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_emot-3.gif” />


    Now, as a newbie who has nothing to claim but a good ear for music and a passionate love for plastic rock (so zero experience with charting nor the tools in question like Reaper) I’m scared off especially by the huge amount of time and expected frustration that I imagine I’d have to put in. Plus the questions I’d have to ask around here for almost every single step I make.


    I could live however with making mediocre songs only for my own use, so I’m definitely not aiming for perfection – especially when it comes to the charting part. I have seen people saying “if you want songs in the game that nobody else is making, learn yourself”. And obviously they have a point, but for some of us I guess the journey already ends after loading a song in Reaper (cause we’re not sure what to do with it then).


    I think what I wanted to have is a thread for all us clueless but intrigued rockers who have looked around and maybe read a document here and watched a tutorial video there, have maybe even tried to take a couple of steps in the customs creating process, but are generally just lost, asking ourselves questions like:


    – Do I have the free time required to learn this and go through the trial and error process? Will it be worth it for me?


    – Will there really be a step-by-step complete dummy guide coming that leads us through the complete process? When should we quit our jobs to prepare for that?


    – Can anyone learn it, no matter how inexperienced? Will I fail?


    I have been manoeuvering around this ever since I found out that there are custom songs, and every day I change my mind (yes I will learn this now, no I shouldn’t, I don’t have the time, I’ll do it in winter, I’ll do it when RBN songs stop….).


      Charting customs takes a lot of time. Learning to chart customs takes a lot of time. There is a lot of trial and error and practice makes perfect. If you’re asking yourself if you have the time to spare, you may not have the time to spare if you’re trying to bang songs out quickly, but you probably have the time if you’re okay sparing a few hours a weekend and working on something over a month or two (at least to get started).


      I have no idea what the current status is on a guide because we’ve gone through a couple of iterations. We’re bouncing some ideas on what to do with it right now — note that it’s also very thick and very heavy reading. This isn’t something you can write five pages on.


      Anyone “can” learn it, though obviously speeds will vary depending on how one learns (if you’re someone with a very kinetic and visual style, you’ll do very well by reading guides and playing around, but you’re up a creek for now if you’re an audio learner).


      People keep looking for a hands-on tutorial or, as your topic indicates, an “idiot-proof guide”. If such a thing existed we would be linking it all day every day and waiting for the customs to roll in. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_cheeky.001.gif”>


        First off, tell yourself that you’re doing this only for yourself and there is no time pressure.


        Find the simplest and shortest song possible that you’d like to play in Rock Band, one without a fade-out at the end. Make sure it has a strong beat throughout and has a common 4/4 time structure.


        Next, get the 32-bit free version of Reaper and head over to Nyx’s tempo map/vocal authoring video here:

        (I think he has a future in training videos.)


        Just do the tempo map first and nothing else. Post a link to the RPP and mp3 files on the WIP board and see if someone will review it for you. It is important to get the tempo map right before doing anything else.


        Then, chart only your favorite instrument expert-only to start and see if someone will review it again. If it is vocals then you already have a good reference. Another good reference is this series:

        . It covers drums and bass as well as setup. Unfortunately, he never finished the complete tutorial.


        I guess I will sit down at some point and just spend a weekend on finding out if I can do this – it’s just too tempting… <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />


        Start with just the charting aspect of it. Figure out how to chart an easy instrument such as drums or guitar. Then learn the basics from charting that instrument. Only after you know how to plot notes in Reaper and have a semi-playable, one instrument chart should you learn multiple instruments and all the formalities.


        If I were teaching you, I would recommend learning about charting in this order:

        • Importing audio into Reaper and lining it up
        • Charting Drums
        • Charting Guitar
        • Charting Bass
        • Tempo mapping
        • Animations (at least for drums)
        • Events in the three instrument tracks
        • Other formalities (practice sections, drum events, BEAT track)
        • Overdrive


        I would HIGHLY recommend you wait to learn keyboard and vocals until you’re comfortable with the other three instruments and all of the behind the scenes events and such.


          Do the tempo map before any instrument. You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

            Do the tempo map before any instrument. You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

            True that, Before everything! :clint:

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