Can’t move my Complete Rockband 3 DLC Library to another Wii

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      Hi Everybody,

      i need help please. Need to move my complete Rockband 3 Customs Library (3000 Songs) to another Wii. Unfortunately, the Wii does not recognize the songs in the game. (Only the 83 Preset Songs are shown.)

      I have already done the following:

      -I use my working SD card inserted with the songs and the song structure unchanged.

      -copied my savegame from the NAND of the previous used wii to the new one using savegamemanager gx

      -Cleared hopefully the cache with wiixplorer and reload the game. But nothing is happen.

      -set the Ocarina “On” with the Option to reach 3000 Songs.

      The other Wii i want to use now is also equipped with Softmod / Homebrew but not specially for Rockband Softmodded. Just for other games.

      Have i forgotten or overlooked anything? Do i still have to install any app, Wad, IOS or tool similar to my old NAND of the previous Wii?

      Or maybe is there a way to copy the NAND from my Rockband working Wii to the new one?

      Thank you in advance for any ideas and help!

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        If I’m not mistaken, each Wii has its own individual console ID that is used when compiling customs into .bin files. The customs you have already compiled were done so using the old console ID (in the ng_id.txt file), and would therefore be incompatible with the new Wii’s different ID. As far as I know, there’s no way to change Wii console IDs, so you might need to recompile each folder individually with the new ID.


          Thank you very much for your answer.

          This could be the problem. I will check it out.


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