C3X World Tour: Leg 3 Pack Teaser – The National!

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    So, how’s it going everybody? We hope you’re enjoying those vacation weeks between world tours, and rocking out to those Beatles and Ghostbyob tunes. But in case you want a bit more, here’s a little something that’s both a teaser for leg 3, and a very special (as far as I know, unprecedented) event.


    As you may know, The National – one of the biggest bands in Indie Rock – are releasing their new album, “I Am Easy to Find”, today. And I’m very happy to bring you a track from this album, as a full band custom, on the day of release.

    Just to be clear: this song was not available as a single (or in any other way) beforehand.

    It is not a live version, or any of the previously available versions. It is the studio version, released today, and this version was not released on any platform before today.

    So here we go!




    Download Link


    (No video preview because, well, there wasn’t time to make it!).


    “Rylan” was only officially released today, but National fans would have known it for a while. It was premiered 7 years ago, and played live fairly often – even as part of an official KEXP set – but never made it to the records, until now.

    It’s a big anthem, that’s both joyous and sad at the same time, as per usual for the National. The story of a quiet, shy, introvert child, who wants to be special (“Rylan you should try to get some sun, you remind me of everyone”), some suicidal thoughts (“Rylan you could take the quick way out”), classic National lines (“If you want to be alone, come with me”), before exploding into an emotional climax.

    It’s already shaping up to be a career highlight, and makes a great band song. You can listen to it here:




    So hopefully that keeps you occupied for a while until leg 3! This is not only a special opportunity to play this song on release day, but also a teaser to a full National pack – who’ll be released as a part of leg 3! So if you like the band – there’s a lot more to look forward to <img loading=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />


    More from the National, and many, many other great artists, is waiting for you in Leg 3 – which beings in Friday, May 24th. So stay tuned!


    Omgomgomg, was actually listening to the song as I clicked the link to this post, what a coincidence. Exciting to look forward to the Leg 3 and thank you for the song!


    This is huge. I have not been able to put this new album down all week, and Rylan is a top-tier cut from it. Bring on the 24th!


    …This is still happening today, right?


    …This is still happening today, right?


    Hey, just in case it wasn’t clear – May 24th was the date for the start of leg 3 (as indeed happened). The National pack will be released in a later date this leg.



    Hey, just in case it wasn’t clear – May 24th was the date for the start of leg 3 (as indeed happened). The National pack will be released in a later date this leg.


    Totally misinterpreted that on my end, thanks for clarifying. Still psyched all the same.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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