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    Hey dudes,


    As you probably are aware of who I am, if not, then.

    Hi! Im Bluzer!

    Check the sig. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif” />


    Well enough of that.


    I am going to start a Power GiG > Phase Shift WiP thread at fretsonfire.net, and once its completed i’ll be moving it to the Tune Posting. Now just having Power GiG in a thread/table by itself would make the thread pretty lonesome, I thought it would be nice if I could release your creations into another table (similar to my other “Series” thread) in the same thread, but one(a wiki table) for yourselves, the c3 authors. With that said, credits where credit is due. I’ll create another column (for the said author in the song.ini) for credit of the chart. Now you might disagree with me and don’t want to participate thinking people can get it from your tables(db.customscreators)…yes that is true. However, just think of it as more publicity. I don’t know if its good or bad, but its more-so then people just stumbling upon your works. Now I’m not trying to take credit for you works. just take a look at my normal table setup.


    This is my table setup in the GH/RB Series threads

    cover, album, artist, song, year, genre, banddiff, guitardiff, voxdiff, drumsdiff, bassdiff, pro drumsdiff, link


    I would change it to

    author, link

    you know, i’d probably just keep it the same, but just adding the author(s) name into a new column. Beside, i’ve been meaning to add a “video background” column to the GH/RB Series tables.


    I see three ways of doing this: 1) using the link provided by c3 keepitfishy 2) re-upload to zippyshare[filehost i use w/ jdownload a dlc container=mass DLs] 3) just linking to the db.customcreator page. The 3rd option I find rather intrusive…not that it links to the database, but rather the user who wanted that said song would have to comb through the db to get that song, which in the end they might find it annoying. To me, any of the options are find by me. I only ask your permission to go along with this, and I ask you as a collective.




    ps…I finished my 1st Power GiG[PG] rip. xD Bloody hell those charts sux ballz. Missing a lot of shit.

    First of all, once Rayne told me about he sussed out getting the midi’s imported into EOF(on the 8th). I figured out PG’s forced hopo’s & “mojo” locations, and they are now imported aswell(EOF~r1195).


    I had to add: section names(not in the midi file, made my own), added E+ kick(remember I was doing this for PS), some sustains where missing(not charted, i added them), added the solo notation for guitar, I didn’t not touch the vocal chart, and I added pro drums? Well, in EOF that means to create cymbals. IDK. LOL. I don’t chart songs.


    Check it out! Oh, I adjusted the audio, bass guitar is kinda separated. Easy enough to create bass guitar/keys charts.






      When I still played Phase Shift I frequented your threads a lot to see if any new GH or RB songs were available <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />


      I personally wouldn’t mind you doing that, but I guess that’s up to the admins of this thing. Also, maybe after you get done with your Power Gig project, would it be possible to send the files over for people to FtV here? I know there’s a ton of songs on that setlist that did not deserve the poor treatment PG gave them.


        I am personally ok with you listing them there on two conditions:


        1) You make it clear they’re coming from here, and a clear visible link to our website is included in the table

        2) You link directly to our d.php links, the same ones used by our database, so we can keep track of downloads.


        Of course, i’m just one admin, and we have to wait to hear from the others.

        Pearlized Pistol

          I quit playing RB/GH clones after I got an xbox, but the fact that you’re ripping songs from Power gig is amazing. There were a handful of songs that I thought would be awesome for Rock Band.


          EDIT: Wow, power gig put Bass, Backing Vocals, SFX, and Keys all on one track? And I thought RB1/2-era HMX was bad by putting keys, bg vox, and sfx on one track… I never knew the game never had a playable bass part… Wow lmao such laziness on PG’s behalf.


          If you want, I may be able to help you with filtering out some backing vocals. Also, I could help you with “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid”‘s censorship which ruins the song if you want.


          Thanks for the info guy’s, and i’ll make sure to do that trojannemo.


          Peralized Pistol. If you could get a decent “fucker” that would be great! The PG stems don’t help out much in-terms of the inversion trick.

          Pearlized Pistol
            Thanks for the info guy’s, and i’ll make sure to do that trojannemo.


            Peralized Pistol. If you could get a decent “fucker” that would be great! The PG stems don’t help out much in-terms of the inversion trick.


            I don’t use inversion, I use spectral subtraction. I do need the PG tracks though. I can do the same with any other songs with censorship. It won’t be 100% perfect, but it will be decent enough for playing.

            Pearlized Pistol

              I took a regular FLAC, made a clean edit for the first chorus of the song, then fine tuned the results from some inversion and spectral subraction. Using the PG stems should make the “fucker”s noticeably clearer, and should make the song blend more compared to my diy instrumental portion, but you’ll get the general idea.


              http://www.mediafire.com/download/oaz25 … Sample.zip


              Let me know what you think :]


              I’m also working on separating the bgvox for “The Night” from the keys track you made <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />


              I would love to get my hands on the Dave Matthews Band songs from Power Gig once you’ve ripped them… please keep us updated!


              ok man, i’ll send you the file Pearlized. Perhaps you can work out something better!




              oh! sorry dudes, perhaps you want to piss around with it too.



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