Blown Away – Carrie Underwood

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    Hey everyone, so I’ve been working on Blown Away by Carrie Underwood. Right now I have X Pro Drums and vocals/harmonies charted. I was wondering if anybody would be willing to Chart Keys?(Pro and Regular) I have no clue on how to chart those. I really don’t know how to chart guitar or bass(not even sure if there is a bass on this track) But the guitar is only 3 chords repeating the whole song so I think I can manage. If anyone is interested or just wants to play what I have let me know. I’ll upload the files later on when I’m at my computer with Reaper and all that.


      I’ve found that buying (or obtaining the sheet music) for a song helps tremendously. I hear a lot of subtle guitar in this song that will be difficult to chart without it. For example, have a look at this: You can almost transcribe the guitar notes into 5-lane from this. They want $20 for this because it is the whole album. I looked just for the song and could not find it except for something inferior.


      Edit: Ah, wait, I think this is it: … godVmQALw# for $3.99. Well worth the time savings and accuracy it gives you.


        If you’re not up for paying for anything, I find the best way to do a keys chart is to find a good enough MIDI on the net and pretty much copy the section that you want to have as the keys. Not necessarily copy-paste, since you can pick up some stuff that can make the MIDI fail in Magma (happened to me in my first runs through “Money, Money, Money”). There’s a good amount of single notes in there, so a lot can be done by ear, at least what I can figure out.

        Pluck Intro: A->A->C->A->A->C->A->A->C->C->E->C->C->E->C->C->B->B->D->B->B->D->B->B->B->B->D->B->B->D->B->B

        Verses: E->A->C—->E->A->C—->D->G->B—->D->G->B->G->E


        You know, seeing Carrie Underwood brought up on the boards almost makes me wanna drop a hint on a song I did for the 7/12 release.

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