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    Another one of those bands who are very underrepresented. We have the one song that everyone has to know, but what about some of their other songs? They have quite a few.


    “Time” for example, is a great song, even more so at six minutes long.



    “Galaxy” is another song that would be amazing in Rock Band.



    & there’s so much more, Vernie, Soup, I Wonder, Tones of Home, Holyman..just another one of those bands grossly misrepresented that I’d like to see more from.


    St. Andrew’s Fall and their version of Three is a Magic Number would be amazing!


    I agree with Blind Melon!

    “Change” would be great!


    Just bumping up this old post. Curious if anyone has some BM in the works?


      I’ll bump this as well. I adore all of their first album and would be very excited if anything else other than the officially released (and marvellous) ‘No Rain’ was made available. ‘Soak The Sin’, ‘Dear Old Dad’, ‘Time’… all of it.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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