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    Well i understand now how its done,My question is why would an author Encrypt a template?And then just blow a noob off after they ask politely while trying to be cordial .Makes a guy feel like that author is power-tripping.What am i too think,that im better off figuring it out as i go?Im sure theres a video on youtube or illbe introduced to someone whos already had to deal with the same nazi mentallity.That ive encountered


    :psyduck: I just found out there’s a psyduck emote, here it is.


    Hey its been a rough wk,what with the sudden loss of Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia!!.Aswell as my own personal B.S.These customs have been very helpful in taking my mind off some of the shit going on in my head.I know peeps are busy living life on theyre own terms Forgive me for the brief rant.Really its been one of Them kinda wks.


    :psyduck: I just found out there’s a psyduck emote, here it is.

    Thats really cool i dig it


    Of course people have their own versions of the template, but if you’re new to this, just use the recommended C3 template.


    I don’t remember exactly where, but it’s around somewhere,


    Just to be clear, the “nazi” and “power-tripping” guy who deserves those titles for not replying to a garbled message is me. Here are some guidelines:


    1) If you have questions that can be answered by the community or by the documents we put together with days and weeks of work, it’s very impolite and selfish to not want to spend an hour to read what you need and instead contacting directly via PM to an admin who has a couple billion other responsibilities asking for a “speedy reply”.

    2) You’re calling “templates” what are actually songs, CON files, because you probably haven’t even read a single line of our guides.


    3) We all have lives, we all suffer, we all hurt, we all have our own problems and chances are that even if we think they are the biggest problems in the world, we are talking to someone who had worst. It’s no reason to be rude.


    With that said, from now on if you need general help message the community has you would with any other forum on the Internet. Message a moderator or an admin if you need something only they can address.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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