Alphabeat – Fascination harmonies not loading?

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    Hey C3 folks – love your stuff, really adds a lot to Rock Band and I know it’s all a ton of effort. It’s the best. Thanks!


    That said I am having an issue with harmonies from RBHP on one song: Alphabeat – Fascination. Considering I tried about 100 other songs and only this one says “Unable to load song, skipping…”, I’m wondering if there’s an issue with this song’s harmonies. It definitely works when I delete the RBHP song cache so it’s something with RBHP specifically. Can someone double-check it?


      The .mid for this track hasn’t been updated in forever and a day (it was actually the song I first tested RB:HP with, before I even started on RB1 songs). I did recently add the song_tonality value to the .dta for it, but I did this for a bunch of other songs that were missing it, and they’re loading fine.


      This error usually points to the track licence (or, in a case I ran into over the weekend with another song, a broke upgrades.dta file), but that’s clearly not the case for both of us.


      I’ll try re-exporting the .mid and give it another attempt.


        Well, I’m stumped.


        Nothing has changed with this specific file since I recorded the video for it. I even reverted to an old copy (same dates/times) just in case, but no dice.


          Figured it out. The “Control” chart fix (Optional Upgrades -> DLC 2010) has a missing ” at the end of the .mid path in its upgrades.dta file. You can edit this manually and cache rebuild or download the fixed files when I put them up in a bit.


          When the packager merged the .dtas, this chart ended up just before Fascination, and broke it.


          Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to figure this out. I’ll just download the fixed files whenever you get around to uploading them, no rush.


          This is a seriously great project, by the way. Can’t thank you all enough for the hard work you do. Hope you keep putting out customs and harmonies and whatever else for a good long time! <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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