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    AeolisCams checking in for customs fun time. I picked up customs because I really wanted a few songs that never came! I started with a convert and I’ll be working from there as my skill/practice improves. I used to do MIDI/electronic work in a previous life so I’m picking up customs work pretty quickly.


    Musically, I sing (professionally in that previous life but just a hobby today) and play brass, piano, and bass guitar (only passably). I’ve since “grown up” and the music skills are a bit stagnant these days. Customs authoring is actually a really fun return to what used to be a much larger part of my life.


    In Progress

    “Smoke” — Ben Folds Five

    Status: Authoring Note Tracks

    Status Update 7/10: I’m slowly getting back into the groove. I’ve finished my first-passes of D/B/K/PK; V/H/PB still pending (need to learn how to actually author P:cool:. Holding off on V/H until I do the final pass of the tempo-map, since it’s such small time units (1/64). I should be ready for a v1 playtest before too long.


    Finished / Ready for Playtesting

    • “Double Vision” — Foreigner (GHVH Convert, with Orange Harrison on Venue/First-Review)
    • “Cigarette” — Ben Folds Five


    Planned Future Projects

    Whatever and Ever Amen (full album) — Ben Folds Five


    Can Assist With

    I’ll put some skills here when I find a niche in the authoring community.


    I’ve got some other ideas kicking around but since I’m still rather new to customs I figure one full album is more than enough to announce at the moment.

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