Advice regarding [music_start] and [music_end] events

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      It seems the music_start and music_end events are misunderstood even by seasoned authors. I see many customs that put these before the music starts and after the song is completely silent. In the grand scheme of things it is no big deal but this is incorrect.


      These are cues to the animation and audio systems to make the crowd applause and cheer.


      Imagine you are at a concert and the band starts playing a song you love. Place [music_start] at THAT moment when a crowd would typically start clapping for a song AFTER they recognize the song. This will usually be after a couple of seconds, but occasionally it could be after an extended intro.


      Now imaging you just enjoyed a great performance and the song is coming to an end. Place [music_end] at THAT moment when an audience would typically start to applause. This will usually be while the last notes of the song are still playing or a punctuated final note, but occasionally it will be during the silence of a poignant ending where the audience is hanging on every last note.


        I love when I get info like this and so well described. I will absolutely be changing how I place these now. Thanks so much!


          I knew exactly about the music_end event, but I typically just put music_start at the first note… good to know, thanks for the info <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_biggrin.gif” />


            Everybody knows hardcore concert goers like me cheer at measure 3.2. Never earlier, never later!


              This is the type of nuance that I appreciate. I’ll admit that I typically put [music_start] at the very first note and [music_end] at the end of the very last note, but I’ll probably take this into account in the future. Thanks.


                Excellent write-up. They’re simple little things, but appropriate placement of the [music_start] and [music_end] events really helps with the immersion.


                  This deserves another THANK YOU. I appreciate tips like this!

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