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      Hello everyone,


      My name is AddyMilldike, also known as Adrianus in real life. I’m a former RBN author, having collaborated with the group ThatAuthoringGroup until the RBN slowed down a lot a few months ago.


      This’ll be my customs thread. In addition to the songs I mentioned in the public forums, there’s plenty more I’m working on.


      I’m a big fan of all genres, but a few songs I’ve been working on recently are K-pop, J-pop and C-pop. I will probably consider an “Asian Sampler pack” or something like that.


      Anyway, on to the songs I’m working on:


      Songs that are ready to upload for release:


      Songs that are ready for playtesting:


      (Dance, United Kingdom)


      Songs that I’ve began working on:


      (C-pop, Taiwan)

      (J-pop, Japan)

      (J-pop, Japan)

      (K-pop, South Korea)

      (Rap Rave, South Africa)

      (Metal, Japan)

      D Money Pros – “What Are You Made Of?” (Modern Hiphop/Post Hardcore, United States)


      Songs I’ve Tempo Mapped:


      Nana Mizuki – “Dancing in the Velvet Moon” (J-pop, Japan)

      (Pop, United States) (Has karaoke stem)


      As you can see, I’m working on a lot at the same time, but since joining here I’ll focus my efforts on one at a time for a consistent schedule.


      Welcome aboard!

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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