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    I have a question about adding a new song to an album already in the game. What I’m trying to say is how do I get the existing album cover so I can add it to my custom so that the album covers are the exact same. For example, someone made a custom from a certain album, and I’m making another song from that same album, so I want the same album cover they used so it shows the same picture.


      Copy the png_xbox file from the package. You will find it in the song’s gen directory.


      Oh my gosh! I’m an idiot. Thanks


        Don’t parse it through Magma. Use LeFluffie to add it to the final package, otherwise things will happen.


        That’s what I’ll do then. Thanks.


          if it ever gets posted, the version of RB3Maker I made a few additions to has, among other things, the option to put in an original “albumart.png_xbox” file in the same folder with your RBAs and all of them will have their album art replaced in the CON with the original one. that way you don’t have to go in LeFluffie after the con is created and edit anything, it’s done for you by RB3Maker as it makes the CON file.


          I have a few small bugs to work out and then see if the original creator of the app wants to release my version to the public or not.


            Also, if for whatever reason you can’t get the album file from the song, or it’s a RB3 on disc song, you can get the album image from the song’s page on and convert it using C3 Lefluffie. It’s the exact same image they use in game.

          Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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