Reply To: HELP! I have forgotten how to use 3CON tools


    Another brain freeze from an old guy.
    d/l a bunch of songs(thanks to all the authors, you do great work, hope someone is working on Tubular Bells) and 3Con Tools did it’s thing and I remembered to put the old DTA file in the Merged Songs folder. No errors when doing all of that.

    However, all of the older songs now have duplicate entries in the DTA file. I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but I think this will also give you duplicates in the song list in RockBand.
    I manually edited them out, but 1) why is this happening(I know it is my fault) and b)is there someway to have 3Con remove the duplicates automatically.

    Also iii) when I started 3Con up, it said there as a version 4.10 available, but the link (to keepitfishy) did not work. I found another link on the board here, but when I unzipped it, Norton did not like it at all. Is there a valid link to the proper file?

    thanks again to everyone from an old rocker

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