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    Thanks for your help Alternity,

    I was able to get things working, it turns out you don’t need the k-license or rap or anything like that. It works if you just put the converted midi upgrades into HMX0756 folder. My problem was I was putting the songs_upgrade folder in with the songs and not right into the HMX0756. Also there was an errant parentheses messing me up.

    I feel that I have emerged a smarter, more fully formed person.

    Hey y’all, late to the customs game but I wanted to post here with some observations and ask for some help. After this post, I’ve finally gotten the update files for Keys charts and Harmonies to not crash my PS3. When playing a pre-RB3 chart on Vocals, song plays normally and Harmony parts are added.

    When I play that song’s Keys chart on my own, all camera angles and cuts are removed, so I am stuck with a frontal shot of the band for the entire song. Keyboard player also never exits their “Idle” animation state. Anyone know of a workaround or explanation for this?

    Songs I’ve tested this on: Aqualung, Bodhisattva, Carry On My Wayward Son, Nine in the Afternoon, Panic Attack, Shackler’s Revenge, The Trees (Vault Edition), Mr. Brightside

    Steps I took:
    1. PS3 directory /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30463/USRDIR/HMX05F6/songs
    2. Copied RBHP songs.dta information into the above folder’s songs.dta file
    3. Created upgrades.dta file and placed into PS3 directory /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30463/USRDIR/HMX0756/songs_upgrades
    4. Copied RBHP upgrades.dta information into the file created in Step 4, separated by a blank space after each song’s ending parenthesis
    5. Used C3 CON TOOLS PS3 Converter to convert each song’s RBHP plus.mid file to mid.edat files, Encryption Type 2, 10 seconds
    6. Copied ALL converted mid.edat files (regardless of original game) into PS3 directory /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30463/USRDIR/HMX0756/songs_upgrades

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