Reply To: RBPH fork with new keyboard bits, and more!


    Creating a single update file is not possible, due to the process the RBHP has to use to ensure updates are available in the game, without modifying DLC files or other official content. I can confidently say the RBHP bundling program is not a problem here, because I have used it extensively, as have other people, and no one has ever reported an issue. (Note, if you use any method besides the RBHP bundler, then you probably *are* modifying official content files, and we can’t help with that here.) However, sometimes there are issues with specific songs, due to bugs in the update files. People have reported these to me in the past, and then I have worked to get them fixed.

    I will ask this one more time: Please give some specific examples of songs you are having trouble with, and I will investigate them.

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