Reply To: RBPH fork with new keyboard bits, and more!


    Hey Turtle, I understand you’re frustrated, I get it, but lashing out at the person who has taken their time and effort to bring you a free tool for managing harmony upgrades isn’t going to help anything. Fuji has been very kind and patient with the rude and aggressive comments – if you’re really that frustrated I’d suggest stepping away for a bit to cool off, then come back to continue troubleshooting civilly.

    I work as a support engineer for a software company so believe me when I say that anything that’s requested to help troubleshoot, even if it seems insignificant or you already gave them a similar answer. I know you said all 2010 songs but just giving a few specific examples of ones you’ve noticed the issue with will help Fuji narrow down the issue by allowing him to look at specifics of the songs and do some troubleshooting.

    Please be kind to users going forward.

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