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    I was looking thru the responses, and wanted to share my own headaches and “hope this helps you out.” The great thing about the PS3 is that you can
    use just about any mic as long as you get a 3 prong mic cord to USB adaptor (like $5 ebay), the sound on just a $25 mic is insane. Cannot be beat and I highly recommend checking it out (hell order amazon and try them all out). That also being said, when adding songs you are going to want to add them in groups of 10, it sucks, it sucks. it sucks! But, if there is a problem with the song the ps3 will crash. I’ve done with adding like groups of 200 songs when starting out, and had to waste multiple afternoons tracking down a song(s) that are the problem. It is a classic – little time now, saves huge time later. Hope that helps you on your journey, and have a great time playing songs and inviting friends over, and having a blast. And if you create add the right Genre so road challenges are super fun for groups. Disco is not novelty.

    What the world needs more disco. And, let's ban percussion sections, does anyone like them? NO! Having a spot to enjoy the song, and more importantly, go drab a refill on your drink is wayyy better, without grunting into your mic (had to find the hard way main button works insanely better - not in manual). Plus, stop it with the crazy intense background, you can't read the lyrics. You know who you are, stop giving the kids seizures. not cool. Also, the Novelty genre should be abolished, and disco

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