Reply To: My Author page is empty-broken — is this normal for now?


    so…under the list of main files in the “C3 Community File Manager”, FILE MANAGEMENT tab, it shows a bunch of my songs, but they are without titles, the first one is listed as “view?usp” and all the rest are listed the same title as “view?usp=sharing”

    I don’t know which songs they are unless I click them…I’m assuming because they are 3rd party hosted…when I click ACTION, and UPLOAD A NEW file next to one, and browse to the file to UPLOAD NEW VERSION, it replaces it and gives me the titles…that is all I need to do to get this hosted on C3?

    Yes, that’s what you need to do. Once a new version is uploaded, you may also need to go back to your file manager and check the “External URL” item in each song’s Actions menu, and delete any URL there, so that your C3U-hosted files will be made available for download.

    Also the ones I ADDED NEW VERSION of that were showing the ?usp path-names don’t seem to register in the song count on the left like a few new ones I added in that same section…I should have 17 tracks in total, but it shows 6 (60% of limit):
    The site itself lists 11 songs by this author (me)

    The song count and related download stats on your profile page only represent files hosted by C3U. Admittedly that is a little misleading, especially when numbers immediately below those reflect the total number of customs you’ve made available both on C3U and with external hosting. We’re still working on getting everything to jive properly.

    Also on my author page,

    ….it DOES show 17 songs, but 6 of them are duplicates of the first one I uploaded with this new method…”MARIGOLD & PATCHWORK”
    All 6 of these have the same URL:

    My guess is you added all six of those files after clicking “Add New Version” on the song page for “Marigold & Patchwork”. Ideally you should use that button only when adding a new file, either as an alt version or as your own custom for a song someone else also uploaded. For updating existing files, or just getting customs onto C3U and off of an external host, just use the C3U File Manager directly.

    ??? Do I just delete all of 1 of them?

    You’ll have to make sure you don’t delete the custom that actually is for “Marigold & Patchwork”, but otherwise yes, it should be safe to delete the other five, and then re-upload them as I mentioned above.

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