Reply To: trouble with certain songs loading


    whenever I change anything up with songs I delete the cache on the xbox before I play (that helps), I would also get in the habit of making a copy after each playing before you shut it down to your drive as a backup, and always load form the xbox. I have forgotten what I was doing (while with friends and very drunk) only to doink that up pretty hard by loading from a drive like 4months before and had over actual singer woman who warp evolved me from newb to like 8mil fans, 5 treks solid gold in one night.

    What the world needs more disco. And, let's ban percussion sections, does anyone like them? NO! Having a spot to enjoy the song, and more importantly, go drab a refill on your drink is wayyy better, without grunting into your mic (had to find the hard way main button works insanely better - not in manual). Plus, stop it with the crazy intense background, you can't read the lyrics. You know who you are, stop giving the kids seizures. not cool. Also, the Novelty genre should be abolished, and disco

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