Reply To: Songcache Modification Tool


    Only seeing this now. My apologies.

    Yikes! I wish I knew about this before I really got into putting customs into my Xbox almost 8 years ago lol.

    My cache is about 5-8 MB and I have A LOT (and I mean about 500+ customs on my hard drive that it would just be a hassle to move all of them to another location even if I had a decent sized hard drive or flash drive to hold them in to try this out. 🙁

    I have taken the CONs I found and made them into customs with their original DTA values using Onyx in the meantime. They read as RBN in this case as opposed to DLC and there are minor bugs with the directed cuts lasting longer than needed in some cases, but other wise, they play just like they should.

    If this bug that overhauls the EU script (or any script for that matter) is able to get fixed, please do let me know. Thank you!

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