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    Well I hit a wall. I used the dark arts and tried 4 different versions of RB3.
    1. My RB3 that I patched with TU4 Corona Fix
    2. A RB3 iso that I patched with TU4 Corona Fix
    3. A RB3 iso that came pre patched with the TU4 Corona Fix
    4. A RB3 iso with TU5 that I patched with TU5 corona fix (this version doesn’t work with CON files but it does with LIVE)

    No luck, all of them list RBN and Customs as Demos. I was even able to get the TU5 version on live to see if that would unlock them and no luck.

    As I stated before if I edit the dta settings and change the game origin to anything other then the rock band network, the songs play but all the in game camera cuts are broken and you only get one static shot looking at the band.

    So I don’t know where to go from here, I have no clue how to stop RB3 from flagging RBN and Custom songs as Demos.
    Only other option I can think of is if there is some way to edit the custom songs where I can change the origin and not lose all the camera edits.

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