Reply To: The new database is in beta version, new Internet address!


    love the new site, but only 1 thing (and don’t know if that is the right place – tell me if not and I will do it), can we have it where in the search field for looking for songs, you can just type into it again, and it will start a new search? As it stands, you have to X out of the previous search, wait for a reload and then try the next search. kinda feel like that would cut down on some serious searching time. But, otherwise, thank you for making this great site, and for the joy it brings.

    What the world needs more disco. And, let's ban percussion sections, does anyone like them? NO! Having a spot to enjoy the song, and more importantly, go drab a refill on your drink is wayyy better, without grunting into your mic (had to find the hard way main button works insanely better - not in manual). Plus, stop it with the crazy intense background, you can't read the lyrics. You know who you are, stop giving the kids seizures. not cool. Also, the Novelty genre should be abolished, and disco

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