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    Hey, thank you for your music service. Seriously. I’m ex-military, and I hated it when people said that cause I was always like, “F you, buy me a beer. Don’t get paid enough for all the crap that comes with this job, that I’m trying to just pay for college without debt. (on that note the cost guard guys are the smartest. same pay. no tyrant activity)” So, in light of that, PM me some way to say thanks, sorry to see you go, but thank you, thank you for this gift, and working on something that brings my silly ass soo much joy. Jamming out to songs, as a pregame with the partner, inviting some friends, and then playing a little trivia is awesome, and hella fun. Love that finally I have a song-sing system that is the real songs and not a Casio keyboard version of some truly great music. AND WE GET TO PICK THE SONGS…well, pretty much. Now if only they did that with Dance Central.

    Thank you and wish you the best on your journies.

    What the world needs more disco. And, let's ban percussion sections, does anyone like them? NO! Having a spot to enjoy the song, and more importantly, go drab a refill on your drink is wayyy better, without grunting into your mic (had to find the hard way main button works insanely better - not in manual). Plus, stop it with the crazy intense background, you can't read the lyrics. You know who you are, stop giving the kids seizures. not cool. Also, the Novelty genre should be abolished, and disco

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