Reply To: RBPH fork with new keyboard bits, and more!


    Lego Rock Band – A-Punk: In harmonies, I think there is empty notes, because sometimes game is showing empty parallel lines in lyrics.

    I’m not sure what you mean by empty parallel lines. The “harmonies” are actually when the singer overdubs himself with one and later two parts. They all sing the same pitches, so they all get mashed together in-game, looking like lines with different blue and orange colors around the edges. The fact that there are no “harmonies” in the sense that different parts get different pitches to sing, is probably why the song didn’t get a harmony upgrade before now. Still, I felt the overdubs were artsy enough to justify charting them.

    Rock Band – Cherub Rock: Optional Upgrades – Pro Guitar midi file does not includes harmony parts.

    Whoops, now that was a genuine mistake. Thank you for the catch. Now fixed!

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