Reply To: Replacing PS3, is there a better platform to future-proof?


    this is always on my mind as i know the reality of using consoles forever is unreasonable, so i appreciate the replies. i have an xbox 360 dedicated just to playing customs, but when the generation of rock band was at its peak i played solely on my ps3 (and now on the ps4 with RB4). so i have thousands of dlc that is only on my playstation consoles and i haven’t bothered doing the dance of converting customs to it so i can play them altogether (because the 360 was just so much easier to deal with especially when learning to chart). clone hero is okay, but the drums are different (and yes, no vocals) and they have different philosophies when it comes to customs, so i’d rather find software that can play the official rock band game on pc as it is. i’m also not above just having a stack of 360s so when one dies, i just start another. very similar to the poster above who uses a console like an appliance for rock band. that’s exactly how i use my 360 and my ps4 right now. =-)

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