Reply To: Replacing PS3, is there a better platform to future-proof?


    I just wrote a bunch of text and then hit a wrong key, now it’s all gone. Oh well…

    I started using RPCS3 because my PS3 heating up too quick. It works pretty damn well to play all things considered.

    The positives:
    -Vocals, drums and guitar/bass work great
    -Can make the game run at a higher framerate, higher resolution
    -Adding new songs is easier and faster than having to transfer to PS3

    The biggest gripes:
    -No Tilt Overdrive (forced to use select or wiping the GH neck touch strip)
    -No keyboard support yet (drums were added this year though, last month or so they also started adding DJ Hero controllers and the Eye Toy camera, it’ll come eventually)
    -Animations are even wonkier than on the original hardware
    -Officially bought DLC will act up because of the license checking

    If there are any more questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.

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