Reply To: Replacing PS3, is there a better platform to future-proof?


    The XBox 360 remains the best platform overall for RB3 and customs (my mostly objective observation and slightly subjective opinion), but if you’re already entrenched in Playstationland, there’s no compelling reason to switch. Otherwise you’d have to buy more instruments, re-buy the same DLC, and reorganize your custom collection.

    Unfortunately the only other option besides these consoles is to wait for PC emulators to get good enough. Dolphin is just about there for Wii games, and RPCS3 is inching steadily along for PS3 games. There is also the possibility that games like Clone Hero will evolve beyond being mere Guitar Hero clones and become more enticing for full-band play. Maybe even vocals! Time will tell, and hopefully it will be before the last PS3’s and XBox 360’s have kicked the bucket.

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