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    that seems quite unfortunate. i made a zip file for you of the songs i had of weezer. nowhere near close to all of them, but noticed these links are all broken as well, so at least you’ll get some.

    collection includes:

    Holiday, Only In Dreams, The Good Life, Keep Fishin’, Love Explosion, Miss Sweeney, No One Else, No Other One, O Girlfriend, Pardon Me, Peace, Photograph, Pink Triangle, Simple Pages, Smile, Surf Wax America, Take Control, The Angel and the One, The Other way, The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, This Is Such A Pity, Tired of Sex, We Are All On Drugs, Why Bother, Across the Sea, Butterfly, Crab, The Damage in Your Heart, Don’t Let Go, Falling For You, Getchoo, Glorious Day, Haunt You Everyday, Heart Songs, Hold Me, In the Garage and Knock Down Drag Out

    maybe they will be restored one day, but definitely seems like a huge loss. if anyone knows Rolling Green, let us know what may have happened and if there is a plan to restore them.

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