Reply To: [How-To] Playing Customs on PS3


    I am trying this again after failed attempts previously. It’s been a long time so I want to be clear of the NEW new (new) process.

    According to the post from the old c3 forum posted in this thread on June 11, 2019 at 8:05 pm, the instructions say to read the instructions from here:

    But there look to be newer instructions here?

    I’m just trying to make my dusty PS3 slim play some custom RB3 songs that Harmonix will never release. My PS3 slip is on 4.84 and has HEN 3.0.1 and IRISMAN 4.84.5
    What should be my new starting point? Last time I had issues, it was suggested I should uninstall HEN and IRISMAN and start over.

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