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It should work fine. Harmonix has bundled pro upgrades into song packs in the past (Ozzy, The Doors, 2112). But to be clear, the upgrades.dta files go in ‘songs_upgrades’, not ‘songs’.


It’d be much better to do it this way. Especially for the RB1 tracks as RB3 will now check the hashes of the original midi files. But if you’re on TU4 or lower then it doesn’t really matter unless you’re playing on LEGO or RB2.




You wouldn’t combine the songs.dta and upgrades.dta info. What you can do is put both mid files together in Reaper by using the tracks in the upgrade mid to replace the ones in the original mid. After that, you wouldn’t even need the upgrades.dta and all you’d need to do is use the updated songs.dta that has the harmonies update information.


Otherwise, if you’re going to have the song plus.mid files, you’re going to need the upgrades.dta as a seperate file in its own songs_upgrades folder rather than combining it with the songs.dta. I’ve never tried it, but it might be possible to combine the upgrades.dta info into the songs.dta by only taking this line from the upgrades.dta (Juke Box Hero as an example):


(midi_file “songs_upgrades/jukeboxhero_plus.mid”)


And pasting it underneath this line in the songs.dta:


(midi_file songs/jukeboxhero/jukeboxhero.mid)


I think you might have to move the plus.mid file into the jukeboxhero folder for the game to find it.






The way I do it is just by updating the songs.dta with the new Harmonies Project info, put the upgrades.dta and plus.mid files in the songs_upgrades folder alongside the songs folder and rebuild the file.


Great news! Thank you both very much.

So to confirm, I create the upgrades folder in the songs folder, alongside the songname folder?

And in the upgrades folder goes both, the upgrades.dta and the songname_plus.midi?

Then replace the songs.dta with the newer RBHP songs.dta in the new package?


Do I have to create a new file, or can these all just be replaced when using Open Existing File and then just Sign & Rebuild as Con?


Again, thank you all for the detailed answers.

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