Reply To: Vocal Pitch Analyzer

Reaper ships with the plug in, you don’t need to download it. To use it, follow the document I posted earlier. Keep in mind that audio to MIDI conversion is always sloppy, so you will need to do some heavy editing.


Ok, so perhaps this program isn’t a bad backup since it gets almost all of the note pitches correct (assuming you sing on tune). It boils down to what you want to spend your time doing, charting notes or editing them.


Does it function at all if you have a vocal track that has harmonies, ie nothing but two voices? Or will it just say it’s somewhere in the middle of the two or something.


Assuming you are talking about Overtone, I have yet to test more than one audio source at once. Considering the human voice has thousands of frequencies in it (and it shows most of them) I figure it wouldn’t have a problem with two voices. I will check this tomorrow or whenever I have the time.

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