Reply To: Outbr3ak’s Customs


Sounds good, I can most definitely chart drums and also check guitar and bass. In case you aren’t aware, I also do a lot of the mundane things such as lower difficulties and practice sections. As far as those packs go, I will definitely help with the Killswitch Engage and the Trivium packs since I like all three songs in each. I also like two songs in both the In Flames and the Children of Bodom packs, but I will have to check the third song before I commit to working with either.


The only warning I have is that I may have to change the tempo map on a song or two since the tempo maps are usually based on the drums, which I will be charting. I’ve seen plenty of FoF charts that have time signatures and such to match guitar, then discover they have to be changed to match drums.

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