Reply To: Outbr3ak’s Customs

I would gladly chart Guitar, Bass, or Drums for any of the Killswitch Engage songs, should they be lacking. I am also going to start charting vocals for some of my songs in a week or so, should you need those as well.


Well seeing as I already do Guitar and Bass, if you’d like to collaborate on customs with you doing drums it’d be nice. I’d also like your input on Guitar/Bass as well if you have suggestions.


Also, the list below is what I PLAN on doing. I have some mostly accurate charts, but I will have to re-chart a lot of sections in most of them and fix them all up to RB3 standards in terms of instrument-specific prerequisites.


Tentative List:


Atreyu: (All About You Pack)

-Two Become One

-Demonology and Heartache

-The Remembrance Ballad


Children of Bodom: (Anti-Religious Pack)

-Banned From Heaven OR Cry of the Nihilist

-Angels Don’t Kill

-One Day You Will Cry


In Flames: (Run ’til You Die Pack)

-The Jester Race

-Insipid 2000 or Reflect the Storm

-Crawl Through Knives


Killswitch Engage: (Beneath The Shadows Pack)

-In Due Time

-Rose of Sharyn

-A Light In a Darkened World


Trivium: (Ascendancy Pack)

-Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

-A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation

-Dying In Your Arms

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