Reply To: Rock Band: Harmonies Project Requests

The plan is definitely finish the disc before a return to DLC.


Awesome! Looking forward to getting the complete LRB disc songs with harmonies.


If I get a keys upgrade for a song for which I have not yet charted harmonies, I am more than willing to push that out as-is until such time as I get around to the harmony chart, for what it’s worth.


Gotcha. For what it’s worth, I enjoy the keys and harmonies equally to be honest. I mainly play guitar/bass/drums so vocals and keys aren’t my go-to instruments but other people are always playing them when I have Rock Band parties (which is mainly the only way I play rock Band) so I would say get them both done before releasing a song. I guess I was just kinda suggesting if a song was way down on your priority list of songs that you will harmony upgrades to and someone gets keys/pro keys knocked out for it, then maybe you could move it to the top of your list. Again, just a friendly suggestion. Thanks again for the awesome work on this project!

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