Reply To: Charting harmonies?


    PART VOCALS and HARM1, HARM2 and HARM3 are two different worlds. unified only by the OD phrases (by the way: change the track name to HARM1 from PART HARM1, because PART HARM1 in the RBN2 template is wrong. Same for 2 and 3, that’s the reason for the error you’re getting.). PART VOCALS has what you want the player to sing when he plays vocals. Harmonies have the separate voices and are used when the player plays harmony. So, HARM1 has the leading voice, HARM2 has the secondat voice and the higher harmony, HARM3 has a third voice and the lower harmony (as a general rule). In 90% of the songs, PART VOCALS and HARM1 will be identical, because you get the leading voice in both parts.

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