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    Working on finishing up the charting of Friday I’m in Love by The Cure




    If I’m doing very well on an instrument, 99+%, and I’m barely making it to gold stars, how to I make that easier to hit? Just add more overdrive sections? Is there any other way to adjust scoring?


    Remember to use unison phrases, but as a general rule, yes, add more OD phrases when they’re not enough. And besides OD authoring rules, songs with long pauses, etc. calls for some fine tuning of the OD placement.


    I’m not getting multi-pitch syllables working correctly. I have a note subsequent to the first one, with a lyric that matches it but with a space-plus on the end (so if the first note’s lyric is “oh” the second note’s lyric is “oh +”, without the quotes of course), but when I play the song I’m seeing two lyrics one two individual notes, one that’s “oh” and the other that’s “oh +”. Am I messing up the syntax for pitch slides somehow?


    Yes. The first note has the syllable, the following notes have only “+”.

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