Reply To: Loss of data and save game file

Only the latest XBox dashboard update supports 32GB sticks. Maybe you’re not quite up to date?


The XBox can copy more than 255 customs to a stick, but none of the current programs (Modio/Party Buffalo/etc) can.


I have the latest Xbox dashboard update, but it could be the 255 songs issue, should I copy across say 100 and then move those to the hard drive or will this confuse matters more?, in order to play customs I only need TU4 on the memory stick right? if the rest of the requirements, song cache, settings, save game etc are on the hard drive in the RB3 folder can I have the custom songs in there too and simply put in the stick with TU4 to play them? If I use the TU5 stick this will simply not permit the customs to be played from the hard drive but my 1300 plus song library will be avialable?


Thanks for your patience and continued efforts to assist it is appreciated.

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