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Quiet Riot – Cum on Feel the Noize (someone released a version, but I think mine is better, no offense) No it’s not! (wonder who released that other version…) :mrgreen:


Ahh sorry bout that, hope I didn’t offend you or anything. The one thing that I really didn’t like in that version is that it ends so abruptly, I’d prefer the song to fade out instead of cutting it off all of a sudden (even if it is a little bit weird having a song fade out while playing). I’m wondering now if you also made the Beach Boys songs? If I remember correctly, those also have that sudden cut of sound in the end. I was actually planning to redo those as well with the fading intact, for personal use <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif” /> Anyways I’m off to bed as well now, will be on tomorrow.

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