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    Okay, this time I seriously believe I’m back.
    First off, some of this WIP list is defunct or just not happening (as some tracks were completed by others or handed off, a lot of tracks I’m not sure about anymore), so I don’t think it should be followed exactly. I’ll probably make a new list.

    Since the last update in mid-2021 I’ve listened to a number of bands, so I’ll list the ones I have an interest in charting (mostly focusing on power metal, all of these band I’ve made some song selections on or have some audio prepared)
    – Blind Guardian (was listed last time, my interest in them has waned a bit but they became my favorite metal band from late 2021 through most of 2022, so expect a lot of customs from them up to At the Edge of Time)
    – Aryeon (was listed last time, my interest has also waned a bit, but wish to work on a large number of songs)
    – Edguy
    – Threshold
    – Saga (became my new favorite “prog” band late 2021, plan on doing a huge chunk of their songs)
    – Stratovarius (pre-Infinite songs, not too sure about this band)
    – Freedom Call (only the first three albums)
    – Helloween (currently listened up to The Time of the Oath)
    – Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One
    – Gamma Ray (still listening)

    Also this is what I plan to focus on in the next few months:

    Leftover tracks (a potpourri of rock, metal and prog tracks, these are from the WIP list and close to finished)
    – Not going to explicitly state which ones because some of them are just one-offs

    Bands to focus on in the next few months
    – Rush Leftover tracks (Work with ejthedj over the handful of tracks I need to finish, see WIP, some songs were done by EJ already)
    – U2 (A few leftover tracks to start, plus a large pack in March, see WIP)
    – Blind Guardian (full album packs during the first half of this year, starting with Battalions of Fear, slowly worked on during 2021-22, almost the entire first four albums tempo mapped, working on audio prep and tempo maps for the rest of their work up to 2010)
    – Kansas (Large pack, a lot of leftover tracks that need finishing, see WIP)
    – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Leftover 3-pack of songs)
    – Symphony X (Tracks from Symphony X and the rest of Divine Wings of Tragedy)
    – Marillion (Bunch of tracks left over from C3X that need finishing, plus some others, see WIP)
    – DragonForce (Redo/upgrades of tracks from Valley of the Damned that were converted by beard, some tracks from Sonic Firestorm that were left unfinished)
    – Sonata Arctica (Some tracks from Silence)
    – Saga (First pack, will be a larger focus for Canadian bands once Rush is done)
    – Iron Maiden (A handful of leftover tracks that need to be finished, see WIP)

    I may end up working on these bands but they are lower on the list
    – Van Halen (tracks that were to be finished towards the end of last year as a tribute to Eddie, with focus on Hagar era, see WIP maybe?)
    – Frank Zappa (A lot of leftover tracks that need finishing, see WIP
    – Peter Gabriel (Prepared a lot of tempo maps during later half of 2022, not starting serious work until the tempo maps done)
    – Styx (Handful of leftovers, see WIP
    – Talking Heads (Handful of leftovers and other tracks, see WIP)

    Some bands have disappeared compared to the last update, mainly because I’ve shifted focus again and feel more passionate about these

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by nsw1-6.
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