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    Updated 5/7/2022

    In the final stages:
    Trope- Plateau

    Canada Day stuff:
    Fen- Of Losing Interest
    Fen- Snake Path
    Fen- End of a Dream
    Slug Comparison- Let Some Light
    Slug Comparison- You’ve Seen Me
    Big Wreck- Wolves

    Well under way:
    Fen- Find That One
    Devin Townsend- Christeen
    Fen- Cockroach Eyelids
    Portal- The Simple Things
    Riverside- Cybernetic Pillow
    Deadsoul Tribe – The Love of Hate
    Fair to Midland- A Wolf Descends on a Spanish Sahara

    Started, but a way to go:
    Karnivool- Roquefort
    Caligula’s Horse- Turntail
    The Great Discord- Blood and Envy

    I’m not doing keys , so on the off chance anyone is interested in doing keys for anything, lemme know. It’s also unlikely these get harmonies, so again, if you have any interest in doing those for my weird-ass list of songs, lemme know.

    Also, I am keeping a WIPs and maybes list in a Google sheet…

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