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    C3DB keeps records for all the songs we have or had customs for, past and present. This is an effort to prevent duplicate song entries, now that C3DB also supports attaching multiple customs to the same song. Unfortunately this can be tricky for songs where all existing customs have been deleted; the song no longer appears in searches, but the duplicate check will still trigger. This is on the to-do list for things to improve in C3U and C3DB.

    In the meantime, we also keep records of all uploaded customs, including those were later deleted, and so I was able to tell the earlier customs for “Lucifer Effect” were uploaded by you. I have undeleted one of those customs, so the file will appear again in your C3U file manager. If you want to update this custom, instead of deleting the existing file, use the file’s “Actions” menu to upload a new version. Next, if you want to add an alternate version of the custom, such as a 2x-kick version, you’ll want to go to the song’s C3DB page and use the “add new version” button there. This will take you back to your C3U file manager where you’ll go through the same process that you would for uploading a new custom, but there will be some information passed around behind the scenes to prevent the duplicate check from triggering and to ensure the alternate custom is attached to the same song as the original custom.

    I’m sending a PM with some extra information.

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