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    Hey so I’ve recently tried to use this tool once I got a hold of CON files for Hier Kommt Alex and Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, but they still do not show up in my library even after running the EU fix multiple times. […]

    How big is your songcache file to begin with? There is the known issue where after it reaches a certain size it’s considered “read-only”, and the game will force a rebuild every time. While it will retain the modified data for most songs, some of those title/region exclusion issues might be enforced on the rebuild.

    So in order to check, reduce the number of CONs your console can see, making sure that the European region titles are available (maybe on a separate small USB stick), and then build a fresh songcache. If the EU titles are then available, this is the bug you’re seeing.

    And again apologies for this bug: it’s the one thing that prevents this utility from being truly useful, and I’ve yet to get in touch with an “expert” on building and hashing CON files to help me figure out what the issue is (SOMEONE PLEASE FIND ME AN EXPERT?!). My personal solution is to build my first cache with ONLY the CONs that will be modified, so that it’s under the size limit for modification, then let the console build the rest after adding the rest of the unmodified songs.

    (It’s either that, or I should change this utility to trawl through CONs and rip them apart to modify their internal .dta assets…)

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