Reply To: C3 CON Tools v4.0.0 [01/25/18]

I think the draw of The T’s method is that it would work on an unmodded console, just like RBHP files. I’m gonna try the technique myself so I can fix the artist sorting for H.I.M./HIM tracks (for the time being I have the official DLC swapped with a .dta-edited custom).


I don’t have a modded console. Either way, as Trojan mentioned, any edit to dlc requires being packaged as a con and therefore renders it a custom.



Now, if you guys delete songs from RB1, Lego, RB2, Green Day or other packs that are use for goals, those goals WILL DISSAPPEAR in game. Trust me, I did this early on and had to restore all my songs back…even stupid Song of the Century from Green Day, because I want to have my goals there and I try to complete as many as possible.


If you don’t care about goals, then yeah, deleting them is the easier way to reduce doubles in game.


As a side note, I expect the new version of LeFluffie will go out tonight, I’ve gotten plenty of feedback and have made many many fixes to it, and the automatic packager is ready go go :excited:


Not concerned with the track pack goals if it means I can get rid of songs I dislike!


Speaking of the export packs, is the Green Day export listed somewhere different? I cannot seem to find the actual file on my HD and when I redownloaded it to double check and it was only a half second, meaning it is still on the HD. Is it under RB3?


Also, I’ve been able to successfully edit all the tracks I wanted to, except the covers and the rerecords.

With the covers, nothing changes. I did them just the same as the others and the cons will play fine, but no updated info or art.


With the rerecords, it’s been spotty. On most, I’ve been able to change the artwork and the album title, but none of them will drop the rerecorded year in parentheses. None at all. Styx – Renegade would only update album title, it wouldn’t update album art. Jimmy Buffet pack wouldn’t update anything at all.


These are the only ones giving me trouble. I did cache rebuilds several times. In the past, that was the issue with problems that arose, but not with these. Cache rebuild did nothing. Any thoughts?


Looking forward to the new release of LeFluffie!

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