Reply To: C3 CON Tools v4.0.0 [01/25/18]


    Just so that you guys understand what you’re doing.


    Modifying a song’s DTA file, or any other file, will make it be corrupt in DLC (LIVE) format. So you HAVE to convert it to CON. That means you can’t use that song, even if it was originally paid-for DLC, under TU5. In this regard, what C16 and The T are doing is the same thing, because both of them require making the songs be CON and only work on TU4, on both modded and unmodded consoles.


    Now, if you guys delete songs from RB1, Lego, RB2, Green Day or other packs that are use for goals, those goals WILL DISSAPPEAR in game. Trust me, I did this early on and had to restore all my songs back…even stupid Song of the Century from Green Day, because I want to have my goals there and I try to complete as many as possible.


    If you don’t care about goals, then yeah, deleting them is the easier way to reduce doubles in game.



    As a side note, I expect the new version of LeFluffie will go out tonight, I’ve gotten plenty of feedback and have made many many fixes to it, and the automatic packager is ready go go :excited:

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