Reply To: C3 CON Tools v4.0.0 [01/25/18]

So you’re either renaming the artist zzzzzzz or the song? Either way I don’t see why you would want that or to even seperate RB3 version songs. Why not just get rid of the non RB3 versions and remove the (RB3 Version) line from the song’s name to just have one version?




I repackaged the RB2 & LRB exports and other big packs to delete 45 songs from my library in addition to editing some. A little time consuming, but you only have to do it once and it was worth it to trim the unwanted songs.

I think the draw of The T’s method is that it would work on an unmodded console, just like RBHP files. I’m gonna try the technique myself so I can fix the artist sorting for H.I.M./HIM tracks (for the time being I have the official DLC swapped with a .dta-edited custom).

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