Reply To: Polish Weener’s Custom Songs

Dang, and aGttHoT by Trivium was gonna be one of my full-band customs, too…. Oh well lol.


I only have Expert Guitar and Expert Drums done, I don’t think I have even made a detailed tempo map yet. Considering I have plenty of other songs to do, I would have no problem sending you my Reaper project or an MID, should you want to do the song.


Glad to see some fellow metal heads finally join CCC


It really doesn’t have to be “detailed.” Just correct. Which is why I prefer to find drums of customs first because generally the tempo maps are lined up perfect. Then it’s just easy charting the guitar/bass after that. Sure, I could take a look at your AGttHoT by Trivium if you’d like. I’m almost finished with fixing up the Expert Guitar on my side, so I’d like to compare it to yours.

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